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HDMI Breakout Part 2

Layout of the PCB
 I see the PCB in my Nov 6, 2013 post is getting some interest, so here's more info about it. The image to the left is a Kicad screenshot. The breakout connector (P1, CONN_5X2) is at the top, and pin 1 is the top right pad. Odd-numbered pins on top, and even-numbered on the bottom.
Top connections are:
1 Ground
5 DCC_D-J1
7 DCC_C-J1
9 CEC-J1
and the bottom connections are:
2 +5V (J1 and J2 both)
6 DCC_D-J2
8 DCC_C-J2
10 CEC-J2

So to use the board as a passthrough connection, add jumpers connecting 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10. Obviously, it's NOT a good idea to have a jumper connecting 1 and 2 (ground and +5V).

Here's the schematic. Pin 20 is the metal shell of the connector, not a real pin.

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